Our team

TTK employs around 30 international staff members having at their disposal extensive experience in all fields of public transport. As a result of the collaboration between French and German professionals within project teams, clients benefit from the experiences acquired in the neighbouring countries. The know-how transfer between France and Germany, and increasingly also with other countries, is a trade mark of TTK. It is further complemented by international experience gained in a large variety of projects, some also in the research sector.

Anne Gröneweg

Barbara Winkler

Dipl. Ing.

Célénie Piccot


Christian Höglmeier

Dipl.­ Geogr.

Dörthe Balzer

M. Eng.

Enrico Marks

Dipl. Ing.

Etienne Trubert

Dipl. Ing.

Franck Lupescu

Gertrud Westermann

Dipl. Ing.

Gesine Krannich

Dipl. Ing.

Grégoire Mondésert

Dipl. Ing.

Helmut Wößner

Dipl. Ing.

Jan große Beilage

M. Sc.

Jérémy Gradelle

Dipl. Ing.

Joachim Ochs


Dr.­ Ing.

Marc Perez

Nathalie Mohr

M. Sc. (Wi. ­Ing.)

Nico Graf

Nikola Theilig

Pia Urdis

M. Sc.

Pierre-­Alain Boeswillwald

M. Sc.

Privat Juillard

Dipl. Ing.

Rainald Knaup

Dipl.­ Ing.(FH)

Rainer Flotho

Dipl. Ing.

Sarah Moraillon


Steffen Palme

M. Sc.

Sylvain Treil

Dr.­ Ing.

Udo Sparmann


Xavier Orthlieb

M. Sc.

Xavier Morel