Active Modes

Active modes – cycling and walking - are one of the most important means of transport in Germany and Europe. They have many advantages - healthy, non polluting, quiet, inexpensive, socially fair - and the development of cycling is increasingly establishing it as an alternative to the use of the car: bicycles and pedelecs are increasingly becoming popular for both leisure and everyday use.

However, one thing is indispensable for good, accident-free cycling: high-quality cycling infrastructure that is separately managed, inviting as well as safe, and where the individual cycle paths form a supply-oriented network. Unfortunately, these standards are not yet a matter of course.

TTK therefore wants to promote the attractiveness of cycling in its projects and strengthen its position as a means of transport. Through our numerous projects in Germany and France, we have a wide range of experience in the field of cycling planning, so TTK's clients always benefit from the latest international best-practice solutions that combine the best of German-French know-how.

Thanks to the cooperation of employees from our two fields of competence "Transport planning" and "Infrastructure planning", we are always able to develop holistic solutions for complex problems. In doing so, we take into account the local characteristics of the study area and consider all essential aspects of cycling, from junction design to parking facilities and public participation.

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