Management Consultancy

In the business field Management Consultancy

TTK has specialised in the area of evaluation of organisational structures and process optimisation for local and regional public transport operators of all sizes. Here, the main focus is on operational planning (e.g. vehicle and duty scheduling), duty roster planning (introduction of a duty roster complying with the staff's preferences) and on the evaluation of repair shops (rail and bus).

To account for social compatibility of individual duties or duty rosters, TTK has developed the DIAPHAN-tool. Analysis and evaluation with this tool help create a fair balance of interests and cut costs in terms of vehicle and duty scheduling.

Financial and operational analyses aim at optimising public transport services and allocating vehicles and staff more effectively. 

The field of vehicle technology focuses on concepts and issues related to the maintenance of rail vehicles (BOStrab and EBO-light rail and heavy rail) as well as repair shop layout and planning (bus included).

Maintenance or re-opening of existing railway lines are at the heart of all strategies, when it comes to the assessment of rail infrastructure. This also applies to all measures required for this purpose. Maintenance management is another factor that is becoming increasingly important to rail infrastructure. Technical and economic analyses help identify the best possible infrastructure options for transport systems and/or operators. In addition, we advise local and regional authorities on railway-specific internal structures, processes and respective requirements (e.g. planning and railway crossing agreements). 


Train crew disposition


Servicing of rail vehicles

Depot layout and planning

Maintenance of existing routes

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