New Mobility Solutions

In a more frequently changing living and working environment and with the help of constantly developing technologies, people's mobility needs and forms are also changing - both in urban and rural areas.

The definition of "new mobility" may therefore vary in scope depending on the context and country, but it always includes a dimension of temporal and spatial flexibility, technological innovation and a new perspective on the use of mobility services.

The "new mobility" sees itself as a service (Mobility As A Service, MAAS) and focuses on the user or customer. It forms a bridge between individual and public transport, as a modern and real alternative to the private car, including e.g. 

  • On-demand services (on-demand transport)
  • Private or public car sharing services
  • Bicycle and e-scooter rental systems
  • Car pooling

TTK already has a wide range of experience in the field of "new mobility": from inventory and demand analyses, strategic planning, concept development and feasibility studies to technical, organisational and public procurement law implementation: we support you in a wide range of issues relating to "new mobility".

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