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Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two

Client: NET
Partner: Mott MacDonald, Gillespies, BWB Consulting, Creactive
End: 2009

At the end of 2007 Mott MacDonald has been awarded with the NET Phase Two design services contract. Purpose of this contract is the development of all documents required for NET to tender the 16 km extension of the 2004 opened system. TTK is part pf the MMD team and responsible for operations. In addition TTK supports MMD experts in the areas of depot, track forms and rolling stock.

The Nottingham tram scheme is one of the most successful ones in the UK (2007 tram of the year in UK!). Line 1 went into service in 2004 and fulfilled all expectations. The 14.5 km line 1 infrastructure consists of both street running sections and uses some former railway infrastructure. Todays demand is about 10 million passengers per year. Including the extensions this should rise to 23 million per year.

The operator ARROW has a 35 year concession, which was cancelled in order to retender the whole system including extensions.
For the current project TTK has to perform all operational analysis. This is done using the software tools FBS and OPEN TRACK. There are strong links to the highways team and the infrastructure experts from MMD.

Main challenge of this project is the very tight schedule to compile all tender documents and the complex nature. The various work streams have to work in a very integrated way internally and with the client. All the necessary public approval processes have to be taken into account as well.

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Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two

Design Services Contract