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Tram-train du MEDOC

Client: CUB Mission Tramway
Partner: TISYA
End: 2010

The Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux is about to install a tram line on French national railway premises parallel to the existing single rail track; this project could evolve into a tramtrain on the national rail network serving Bordeaux, Le Bouscat, Bruges, Blanquefort and Parempuyre.

TYSIA as construction manager for the tram extension subcontracted to TTK a study on op-erational questions regarding the named extension.

This study was undertaken aided by the computer simulation tool OpenTrack. Among the typical questions for which OpenTrack was used in testing the scenarios (in terms of infrastructure and operations) were:

  • An examination of the operational parameters, namely turnround times and a determination of operational plans (timetables, crossing points) under «static» meaning nondisturbed conditions (no delays),
  • A test of the robustness of the operation as proposed in the «dynamic» simulations under disturbed conditions (delays) to verify the operational plans (crossing points) and the stability of the timetables,
  • Conclusions and recommendations on the number and position of the crossing points on the single track line;
  • Number of additional rolling stock needed to service the new line for the different operational scenarios.
Download E-7000 Bordeaux TramTrain Medoc
Tram-train du MEDOC

Study of operational questions in support of construction management of the tramway extension