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Tariff study Rhône – Alpes

Client: Region Rhône Alpes, SIOTAS, SYTRAL
Partner: SEMALY
End: 1999

Due to the upgrade of the railbound public transport in the corridor Lyon – St Etienne in the region Rhône-Alpes the overall tariff structure had to be adapted, especially the tariffs for interchange to other PT-modes.
Therefore the consortium TTK-Semaly was awarded by the region Rhône-Alpes together with SIOTAS and SYTRAL to carry out a study to improve with different measures the tariff situation in this corridor. The basis for this work was a extensive analysis of the existing situation in the tariff sector.

During the study different scenarios have been developed: The range was between a 100 % tariff integration to an adaptation of today’s combined different tariff offers.

It was difficult among all responsible partners to agree on a common proposal for the new tariff structure. But nevertheless the study raised at the political level the understanding about the complex problems related to tariff integration and the advantages which go along with a working integrated tariff structure.

Download E-2100 Tarif Ly StE
Tariff study Rhône – Alpes

Tariff integration in the corridor Lyon/St-Etienne – Development and evaluation of different scenarios