Feasibility of supply improvements including detailed cost accounting

Feasibility study for the re-introduction of cross-border rail public transport between Nijmegen, Kleve and Weeze Air-port (Project Sintropher, Interreg)

Network development study including a detailed feasibility analysis for the corridor to Heepen

Tram-Train Opportunity & Feasibility study in Grenoble (France)

Detailed feasibility studies of the creation or extension of 7 lines for the medium and long-term network development (2010 – 2020)

Operational planning for tendering and construction of a tramway extension and expert advice on the Bordeaux tramway and Bus Rapid Transit system in regard to the foreseen network extensions

Service upgrades, optimisations for bus and LRT, prioritisation concepts for LRT with the aim to minimise public subsidies and maximise economic efficiency