Feasibility of supply improvements including detailed cost accounting

Feasibility study for the re-introduction of cross-border rail public transport between Nijmegen, Kleve and Weeze Air-port (Project Sintropher, Interreg)

Network development study including a detailed feasibility analysis for the corridor to Heepen

Tram-Train Opportunity & Feasibility study in Grenoble (France)

Detailed feasibility studies of the creation or extension of 7 lines for the medium and long-term network development (2010 – 2020)

Operational planning for tendering and construction of a tramway extension and expert advice on the Bordeaux tramway and Bus Rapid Transit system in regard to the foreseen network extensions

Tariff integration in the corridor Lyon/St-Etienne – Development and evaluation of different scenarios

Definition of a new ticketing System for Glasgow’s metro and preparation of tendering documents for the system

Planning of a tramway route from the Karlsruhe inner city into the north “Nordstadt”

Planning of a tramway route from the Karlsruhe inner city into the north “Nordstadt”

Construction of a new branch from Ehinger Tor to Kuhberg

Planning of the cross-border extension of tram line „D“ in addition to the feasibility study for Strasbourg

Mobility Concept for all Modes of Transport

Elaboration of such an urban transport development plan for the local authorities association of Rouen-Elbeuf-Austreberthe (CREA)

Transport development plan for the greater Avignon area: Public transport

Service upgrades, optimisations for bus and LRT, prioritisation concepts for LRT with the aim to minimise public subsidies and maximise economic efficiency

Regulation and Restructuring advice programme

Dynamic operational OpenTrack and power simulation model for London, Croydon Tramlink

Design Services Contract

Design Services Contract here: Dynamic operational simulation of the depot

Strategic network planning including an OpenTrack-modelling process to enhance network performance

Dynamic operational simulation including the Uithof-extension to the university with OpenTrack

South-East to West Light Rail Transit Line Operational simulation with OpenTrack

Depot Simulation with VISSIM Technical

Diversion of the tram and tramtrain lines during the construction of the underground line in the city centre - Simulation of the entire network using OpenTrack and VISSIM

Study of the introduction of additional dual-system line and its effect on the day-to-day operation at the main Public Transport Station (Zentralhaltestelle)

Independent expert advice on the Bordeaux tramway system

Study of operational questions in support of construction management of the tramway extension

Operational expertise of the T1 extension project between “Asnières Gennevilliers Les Courtilles” and “Colombes”

OpenTrack dynamic modelling of future operation for phases 1 & 2 of the tramtrain line from Evry to Versailles

OpenTrack dynamic modelisation of future operation for phases 1 & 2 of the western tangential TramTrain in Paris

Consulting of the ”Zweckverband” for the planned renewal of its Diesel fleet, on the non-electrified line of Wieslauftalbahn.

Assessment of the Feasibility to carry cycles on London Tram Systems

Planning of a 12 km railway line, 2 new bridges replacing level crossings, construction of 5 new stops as well as modifications to 3 stations, 8 new bridges and extensions to 9 railway bridges, construction of new retaining- and noise-barrier-walls with a

Planning of replacement measures as part of the double track upgrade of the railway line between Böblingen - Renningen (S60), including a new local road and a railway bridge as well as an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists.

Design of a stabling yard and a depot for the tramtrain ve-hicles of Stadtbahn Saar GmbH

Consultancy services in the vehicle technology area

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle – Transport using Advanced Propulsion (1)

Promotion of Pollution Control and Energy Saving by the use of Hybrid Power Systems: International congress about innovative pro-pulsion systems for use in Public Transport.

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle - Transport using Advanced Propulsion 2

Development and implementation of an innovative design for tram crossings at heavily trafficked junctions

Analysis of the before and after surveys in public transport and private car traffic.

Distinction of the nature, direction and inten-sity of the interdependency between the po-tential for urban development and traffic routes and the description of possible design corridors for urban and transport planning