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Preliminary study T1 West Ile de France

Client: STIF
Representative: SNS Lavalin
End: 2013

The extension project of the line T1 from the station “As-nières Gennevilliers Les Courtilles” to the line T2 in Colombes will contribute to a tram rocade around Paris. This arc will allow better possibilities to go from one district to another in the Paris Nord-West area. This high capacity mode will be connected to the major line such as the tramway T2, the metro line 13 or the rail line J (Transilien).

For the next step from project outline, and till the public inquiry, the transportation authority (STIF) has studied the transport system. This authority has commissioned the joint venture SNC Lavalin – TTK to assist them with the technical assessment around the project.

In the joint venture TTK was responsible for expertise and advice about the future operation on the line:

  • study of the line cut: what are the best options to split the line in order to have a reliable operation, for the passengers and the future operator?;
  • analysis of the terminus layout and their impact on the operation;
  • development of an operational concept based on two intermediate stations dividing the line in three arcs: “operational cut station”
  • analysis of the common track section between lines T1 and T2;
  • advices about changes or adjustments in the infrastructure planning.
Download E-7200 Expertise Tram T1
Preliminary study T1 West Ile de France

Operational expertise of the T1 extension project between “Asnières Gennevilliers Les Courtilles” and “Colombes”