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Operation planning Tram Express South (Paris)

Client: SNCF Transilien
End: 2016

The Tram Express South project consists on the construction of a new infrastructure between Epinay and Evry-Courcouronnes and the reconversion of the section between Massy and Epinay.

TTK realised a study about this line in 2015 to optimise the infrastructure planning looking for the shortest travel time.

A modelling of the whole line had been made with statics simulations by SNCF. However, the infrastructure had to be updated.

TTK has been commissioned by SNCF Transilien to assist them with a second assessment, in particular to:

  • update the infrastructure and evaluate its impacts on the operation;
  • improve the model by integrating new parameters: dynamic simulations instead of static simulations;
  • test the reliability of the operation based on different headway scenarios (from a 10 minutes headway to a 5 minutes headway during peak hours);
  • analyse the constraints of the single track section and the railway node at “Massy-Palaiseau”;
  • study operational options to serve the future rugby stadium.
Download E-7390 TTVME OpenTrack
Operation planning Tram Express South (Paris)

OpenTrack dynamic modelling of future operation for phases 1 & 2 of the tramtrain line from Evry to Versailles