National and international research projects our involvement in national and international research projects allows us to share our experience gained in diverse fields of science with the expert community. One particular focus is given to rail transport. As part of our research activities, we also concentrate on interesting aspects concerning urban development and transport. This also includes change of demand after the introduction of rail-bound services (pre-post studies).

The co-operation and exchange of knowledge with numerous international partners significantly enrich project work and also benefit all other projects.



Urban development

Pre-post studies


Knowledge exchange

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Ultra Low Emission Vehicle – Transport using Advanced Propulsion (1)

Promotion of Pollution Control and Energy Saving by the use of Hybrid Power Systems: International congress about innovative pro-pulsion systems for use in Public Transport.

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle - Transport using Advanced Propulsion 2

Development and implementation of an innovative design for tram crossings at heavily trafficked junctions

Analysis of the before and after surveys in public transport and private car traffic.

Distinction of the nature, direction and inten-sity of the interdependency between the po-tential for urban development and traffic routes and the description of possible design corridors for urban and transport planning