Vehicle technology

Close monitoring of the market of public transport vehicles and its development has always been crucial to TTK. This applies, in particular, to technological innovation in terms of new comfort and safety requirements, new accessibility standards and innovative supply systems.

In the years around 2000, the focus was on tram-train technology and catenary-free tramway systems. However, in the meantime, two other areas have become highly relevant.

  • In urban transport, transport authorities and networks are increasingly directing their attention to electric buses charged at charging stations.
  • And the regional rail transport is currently experiencing a revival of diesel-driven railcars – a technology viewed as outdated by many manufacturers.

When it comes to the creation of specifications, technical studies, reports, economic analyses and the assessment of vehicle fleet energy consumption, TTK takes into account current trends and developments concerning vehicle technology, covering both rail (tram-trains, regional trains) and road transport (bus, trolleybus, etc).

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