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Civil engineering structure

Removal of the level crossing Weil der Städter Straße in Renningen, Stuttgart area

Client: Verband Region Stuttgart
Completed: 2005

In the course of the upgrade of the Böblingen - Renningen railway line from a single track freight line to a double track urban railway line (S60), as well as the construction of a new stop associated with this project, it was necessary to close the level crossings Weil der Städter Strasse and Malmsheimer Strasse.

After discussion of several alternatives, the local council decided to replace the closed level crossings by two municipal roads, which open up the possibilities of further town development.
One of the roads leads east of the railway line and serves as a link between Weil der Staedter Strasse and Malmsheimer Strasse. The second road links the local road K 1015 with another planned local road.
The junction at K 1015 was solved with a roundabout, in which an access road to a shopping centre was also integrated. The junction at Kindelberg road is separate from the roundabout. In the further course of the road the K 1015 and the railway line will be crossed above grade using a new engineering structure.
For pedestrians and cyclists an underpass was planned, which also integrates access to the new stop at Renningen Süd.

TTK planned the complete railway infrastructure and engineering structures and prepared the crossing agreements in compliance with the German EkrGguideline. TTK also completed the financing requests.

Download E-1297 BUE-Renningen
Removal of the level crossing Weil der Städter Straße in Renningen, Stuttgart area

Planning of replacement measures as part of the double track upgrade of the railway line between Böblingen - Renningen (S60), including a new local road and a railway bridge as well as an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists.