Mobility Planning

In a living and working environment that changes frequently, and with the benefit of constantly evolving technologies, people's needs and forms of mobility are also evolving - in both urban and rural areas.

Through its mobility planning studies, TTK pays particular attention to a coherent approach that takes account of the impacts and interactions between mobility and existing or future infrastructure. We carry out transport master plans, multimodal studies, urban travel plans and road surveys at different territorial scales.

District level

Cities / metropolitan area




These are all studies in which TTK is committed to taking a comprehensive and complex approach, integrating all the different forms of mobility: from individual mobility on foot, by bike or by car, to public transport (trains, metro, tram, bus), via complementary solutions such as transport on demand or shared mobility (carpooling, carsharing, bikesharing, organised hitchhiking), with the aim of providing a fine-tuned response to travel needs.

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